Ayurveda Classes



Purpose: This Programme Helps Us Understand The Science Of Ayurveda, It’s A Way To Live Life, Mind-Body-Soul And Other Principles And Specialties Which One Can Adopt To Keep Him Conscious And Healthy & Help Individual To Prevent Illness Also.

  1. Printed Study Material For Students.
  2. Supportive & Friendly Staff
  3. Assistance In Arranging Accommodation In Nearby As Per Your Budgets.
  4. Discounts For Students On Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatments.



1.   Female Health:- Pregnancy & Post Natal & Pre-Conception.

About Our Course:-

There Is 2 Parts Of Courses

  1. Theory
  2. Practical

It Can Also Customize According To Delegates Time & Purpose.

Theory Classes About 1 Hour (Customize According The Purpose Of Course) Taken In Form Of Lectures In Class Rooms By Experienced Ayurvedic Doctors.

Practical Training Will Be For 2 Hours (According To Courses & Purpose) Gives Hands On Training Conducted Hygienic Therapy Rooms According The Courses.

Female Health & Pregnancy Care (Anti Natal) & Post Pregnancy Care (Sutika Parichariya)


  1. Female Health In Ayurveda
  2. Poorva Karma (Before Conception)
  3. Garbhdharn (Conception) In Ayurveda
  4. Pregnancy Care:-
    1. Monthly Diet In Pregnancy According To Ayurveda
    2. Do’s & Don’t In Pregnancy
    3. Mantras & Music Therapy In Pregnancy
    4. Lifestyle Should Maintain In Pregnancy
    5. Sleep Patterns During Pregnancy
    6. Yoga & Exercises In Pregnancy
    7. How To Maintain Healthy Pregnancy

Post-Pregnancy Care:- (Sutika Parichariya)

  1. Care After C- Section
  2. How To Care After Normal Delivery
  3. Post Pregnancy Diets
  4. Post Pregnancy Stress Management

Baby Care:-

  1. How To Massage Toddler
  2. Kajal
  3. Post Natal Complications & Management Through Ayurveda
  4. Baby Bath & Draping

Practical Session:-

  1. During Pregnancy To Be Mother Massage & Reflexology
  2. Post Pregnancy, Massage
  3. New-Natal Massage

Fees- 16000

Duration- 6 Days (Sunday Off) Total Time- 3 Hours/ Day

2. Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Courses


  1. Introduction & Basic Principle of Ayurveda Beauty Care
  2. Marma Points in facial massage
  3. Hair care & pack
  4. Hair oil preparation
  1. Nasyam
  2. Eye care treatments (Netra tarpan, Netra dhara)
  3. Acne disorder (According to Ayurveda)
  4. Facial Pigmentation( According to Ayurveda)
  5. Treatments Protocol in Ayurveda

Hair Treatment

  1. Head Massage + Marma points of head
  2. Shirodhara
  3. Shirolepam
  4. Ayurveda for premature gray hair, dandruff, hairfall & growth & nourishment.


  1. Marma points of face & hairs
  2. Head massage
  3. Application of hair packs
  4. Shirodhara/ ksheerdhara
  5. Face cleansing/face scrubbing
  6. Facial Massage
  7. Facial & hair wrap & steam
  8. Nasyam
  9. Netra tarpan
  10. Eye treatment
  11. Rice bundle face massage Duration:- 1 Week & 2 Week Programme Fees:- 12,000 or 16,000

3.   Panchkarma For 2 Weeks (Advanced)

  1. About Ayurveda
  2. Basic Principles Of Ayurveda
  3. History Of Ayurveda
  4. Detail Study Of Panchkarma
  5. Introduction Of Panchkarma With References To Common Disease/ Conditions


  1. Abhyangam & Marma Points
  2. Shirodhara (Ksheer, Takra, Kashyam)
  3. Face Massage With Marma Points
  4. Pada Abhyangam (Foot Reflexology)
  5. Navra Rice Kizhi (Rice Bundle Massage)
  6. Snaya Basti (Spinal Care Massage & Points)
  7. Janu Basti
  8. Kati Basti
  9. Greeva Basti
  10. Preparation Of Patra Potli
  11. Preparation Of Churan Potli
  12. Preparation Of Navra Potli

Fees- 28000 Duration – 2 Weeks

4. Ayurveda Massage (Reflexology) With Strokes & Marma Points & Panchkarma Therapy

    1. Introduction Of Ayurveda
    2. Basic Fundamentals Of Ayurveda
    3. Basic Knowledge Of Churna, Herbs & Oil Using In
    4. Body Constitution (Prakriti) Analysis)
    5. Theory Of Panchkarma
    6. Theory Of Upkarma’s

Duration:- 1 Week

Fees- 16000


  1. Abhyangam
  2. Swedana (Herbal Steam Bath)
  3. Shirodhara
  4. Face Massage
  5. Ela Kizhi
  6. Podi Kizhi
  7. Preparation Of Kizhi
  8. Janu Basti
  9. Kati Basti
  10. Blood- Letting (Raktmokshan)
  11. Greeva Basti
  12. Nasyam

5.   Customized & tailor maid course / Programme

We can customized courses according to your budget & time, there is no worry about it all, just tell your interest & time, our team design courses accordingly.

Duration:- Depends on

Fee:- Depends on Customization

6.   Ayurveda Cooking Courses

It is accordingly time we can teach how to cook, Ayurveda food for good digestion & metabolism/ only we have practical training programme for it. This course includes preparation cooking for 5 senses & 6 tastes. Simple, nutritious & qualities of spices in Ayurveda cooking.

Duration:- 2 Days (Depends on Customization) Dishes:- Six Main or more…

Fees:- (depends on customization)